About Jordan

My Life As An Artist

Starting at a young age I found joy in the activity of drawing.
As early as the second grade I remember getting into trouble for drawing during class!
That joy flourished into a passion that stuck with me through grade school.
By the time I graduated high school I had taken an advanced placement course in which my focus was painting, as well as illustrated my own comic book that was used in an English course.
While looking for possible art schools to further my education I found Savannah College of art and design. I graduated with a BFA in sequential art, the study of storytelling through images.

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I graduated from SCAD in 2014 I moved from Georgia to Louisiana. I was in Louisiana for around 4 months when I responded to an ad on Craigslist for someone to draw fashion sketches for a film. I was initially told that the job had been filled. I was later contacted and told that the other person really didn’t know how to draw. I met with the prop master of the film called ’10 Cloverfield lane’, she liked what I was able to bring to the project so I was contracted to draw up some sketches that would be seen in the film. My opportunity on 10 Cloverfield lane led to another opportunity to work as a property assistant on a Disney TV movie called ‘My Invisible Sister.’

Around October 2016 I started my Instagram page with the intent of building a great online portfolio which in a lot of ways is an artist’s resume. Over the last 13 months Ive grown my following from 0 to just over 10,000 followers, as well as receiving commissions from as far away as the UK. I continue to explore my ability and see where my passion takes me.

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